Factsheet (English)

Only a few women sail. Why?

Eight women between 25 and 64 want to make a mark and set sails in a new direction.

“We´re taking over the helm and want to encourage girls and women to do the same – to boldly go beyond the usual – in sailing as well as other areas”, says Petra Pavlisin (49), skipper and initiator of the idea. “With the Atlantic crossing we are setting up a symbolic link to the “Lean-In” movement in the U.S.: it encourages women to gain confidence, to dare more than they believe is possible. We can establish new and different ways of work and cooperation.”

Our social engagement

The first transatlantic crossing will end in the Caribbean with many small independent states with a fragile economy, a great social divide and thus a major social inequality.

The greater the social inequality the greater the dissatisfaction and the higher the crime rate. Especially girls and women suffer under these conditions and need encouragement and support.

“We want to support the Child Development and Guidance Centre (CDGC, childdevelopmentstlucia.org) in Castries, St. Lucia, that is managed by a local team of professional women. This project is dependent on donations”, says Petra Pavlisin. “By reporting about the project in the media – magazines, radio, TV and news we appeal to donate for this purpose.”


We would like sponsors who

  • support our idea
  • encourage women to take leading positions in their company
  • want to change their attitude in this way
  • sell products for women
  • want to bring in line their corporate identity with their customers´ ideals

The crew

Petra Pavlisin (49), teacher in Husum, Germany

Alette Borgboehmer (56), photographer in Bonn, Germany

Kirsten Speck (48), manager of a retirement home in Kiel, Germany

Kirsten Voß (51), marketing communications specialist in Hamburg, Germany

Christa Kuells (65), retiree in Heide, Germany

Petra Bischoff (51), secretary in St. Peter-Ording, Germany

Gesche Stumme-Petersen (51), physiotherapist in Husum, Germany

Barbara Zillig (57), spokeswoman of the trade fair hall Husum, Germany